Weekly Treadmill Workout Log Template

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How serious are you to lose your body weight? If you have already known the results of overweight, surely you will consider reducing your body weight as soon as possible. Having the intensive fitness training program will be the best idea for it. If you contact the nearby fitness center and tell them about your problem, they will give you one of their trainers to be your handler. They will arrange some programs for you and they will also make the progress report such as the Weekly Treadmill Workout Log.

Weekly Treadmill Workout Log Template

One of the must-do programs will be the treadmill. This is important to strengthen your cardio system and to burn your body fat. There will be several sets that you should do each day and every single step of your exercises will have results as long as you are consistent enough. That is why a report such as the Weekly Treadmill Workout Log will be necessary.

All the details of your exercises will be stated in the Weekly Treadmill Workout Log so you and your personal trainer can make reviews from week to week. If the exercises haven’t given you the significant result, some programs must be changed. The trainer will arrange some different ways to reduce your fatness.

Remember that this template is based on general set that you might find it different from the set from your gym. The objective is the same but your trainer might set a different one to suit more with your current condition. For example, if you have heart problem you might to start it lightly. If you are a runner you might be given a heavy treadmill training set.