Wedding Menu Template

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For your wedding reception, you will need Wedding Menu to make sure you will have the best foods to serve for the guests. Whether it home cooked wedding dinner or catered affairs, you can use the menu to inspire the choice of foods. You can have flexibility to change the content within 24 hours. If this is the first time for you to create your own menu, you can use menu templates for wedding to guide you.

Wedding Menu Template for Microsoft Word
Wedding Menu Template

You can find several templates in Microsoft Word to be used in wedding reception where one of them you can download it below. Microsoft Word makes it easier for you to edit the template and create a unique Wedding Menu of your own. With template, you can easily fill the menu with the courses you want for the reception. The template is one page in letter-size paper that you can have two menus on it. The menu is actually come with table. If you want to edit it with guideline, you can make the table visible by coloring the table border. After you finish with your editing, you can click ‘no border’ icon on table menu to make the border invisible.

Commonly, a wedding has wedding theme or color scheme. You can personalize the Wedding Menu by replacing the main pictures, separation menu pictures, or icons used in the template with your own picture and then align it with your wedding theme. Print it first in regular letter-size paper and evaluate the result. Ivory card stock could be the best choice to print the edited menu. Trim the card for precise cut.