Timesheet Template

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The timesheet is a system applied by companies to record the amount of time spent by employees or staffs to finish a job. The time sheet usually counts the amount of the time since the beginning until the job is finished. This method is used to calculate payroll even it is not just functioned for payroll. Some companies will provide a high technology time sheet method; they do it to know exactly how much time spent by workers when doing tasks.

Employee Timesheet Template for Word
Timesheet Template

For a limited-budget company, a high technology time sheet is something too expensive because they need to spend a big budget to have it. That is why they still use the traditional time sheet. Even it looks old-fashioned but it is still reliable. Usually, it appears in the form of columns contain the date when the task started and the date when it has finished. It also contains the employee’s identity and position.

Employee timesheet is available in various forms, including Microsoft Word. Because of its simplicity, all people from all backgrounds are able to use it. Another benefit which can be obtained is that you do not need to pay the time sheet because it can be downloaded for free here. There are two models of timesheets that you will get here, weekly and biweekly timesheets. You can print all employee timesheets as it is and start typing in blank boxes manually or you can just distribute it among your employees and ask them to fill it manually.