Nanny Contract Template

Nanny Contract Template for Word

A nanny contract is a legal contract that engages both the nanny and the employer to base whatever they say and do based on the contract. This contract will make everything clear between the two parties so that there is no conflict in the future. Also, the contract is aimed at protecting the two parties…

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Lease Agreement Template

Lease Agreement Template for Word

Lease agreement known by many other names such as tenancy agreement, lease rental agreement, lease from, and the lease contract. But all these names have the same definitions and functions. This agreement contains the rights and obligations of the property owner and the tenant. The tenants can also use this agreement when you want to…

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Land Contract Template

Land Contract Template for Word

Land contract or often called as contract for deed is a contract and agreement of sale and purchase of property (in this case is a real estate). Then the people or seller who will sell the property is going to hire a deed (notary, lawyer, or other authorities) to detain the properties until the second…

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