Nanny Contract Template

Nanny Contract Template for Word

A nanny contract is a legal contract that engages both the nanny and the employer to base whatever they say and do based on the contract. This contract will make everything clear between the two parties so that there is no conflict in the future. Also, the contract is aimed at protecting the two parties…

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Land Contract Template

Land Contract Template for Word

Land contract or often called as contract for deed is a contract and agreement of sale and purchase of property (in this case is a real estate). Then the people or seller who will sell the property is going to hire a deed (notary, lawyer, or other authorities) to detain the properties until the second…

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Janitorial Agreement Template

Janitorial Service Agreement Template for Word

If you want to get the proper janitorial services, it is much better if you also can have the specific agreement before hiring. That will give the specific information regarding to the services and also the regulations. So, the Janitorial Agreement document will be what you need to obtain. For sure, anyone expects for the…

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Freelance Contract Template

Freelance Agreement Template for Word

Being a freelancer or hiring a freelance employee will be such the alternative for getting the best choice of the solution for human resources. Commonly the company needs the freelancers for photographer, writer, designer, and so on. Of course, that depends on the industry of the business which we conduct. Hiring the freelancers might require…

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