2013 Linear Calendar Template

2013 Linear Calendar Template for Microsoft Word

Basically, this is another type of calendar which grouped and arrange its dates in horizontal cells instead of block cells where you usually found in many calendars. So, you will hardly find it in the market or even in internet, especially if you plan to make some customization. Some people are more comfortable using this…

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Daily Planner Template

Daily Planner Template for Word

A person should have created a plan to deal with busy day. Some people will write the plan on a piece of paper while others depend themselves on the help of template that are available in the internet world. A daily event schedule, then, is important for those who want to make sure that he…

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Conference Schedule Template

Conference Schedule Template for Word

A list contains of scheduled conference should be useful, particularly when the arrangement of incoming conference are managed by one event organizer. But we don’t intend to examine more about that kind of list. Otherwise, we find some interesting thing about conference schedule template, one which is about to connect with a single event of…

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