Janitor Cover Letter Template

Janitor Cover Letter Template for Word

Janitor is a person who have a responsibility to clean any indoor buildings. They are also called cleaners, and nowadays are organized by companies whose focusing in housekeeping business or organized by building owner itself. This is a kind of position which will grow if you see new buildings or apartments are built every year.…

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Computer Technician Cover Letter Template

Computer Technician Cover Letter Template for Word

This is a computer technician cover letter template that you can use together with your resume and certificate for computer technician application. Since this is only a sample, make sure that you rewrite it again using your own words and emphasize on your own achievements and skills. Dear Sir, I am writing this letter in…

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Accounting Staff Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Template - Accounting Staff

When opening a vacant position, employer will ask any applicants to submit resumes, certificates, and other related documents. If you want to apply for that job, it is common that you will put a cover letter on top of those documents, where this letter should give a brief description about yourself. This written words below…

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