Joint Venture Agreement Template

Joint Venture Agreement Template for Word

Joint Venture Agreement is a regulatory or business agreement between two or more parties to collect or gather the resources they have in order to work and complete a particular job. The job can be certain projects or businesses that involve more than one party only. When all parties agree on Joint Venture Agreement, so…

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Exclusivity Agreement Template

Exclusivity Agreement Template for Word

If you are in a business of course you need to know much about the business including about the legal document which you might need regarding to deal with the activities which you do on your business. That is including on dealing with the partnership which you might need on dealing with the good opportunity…

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Employment Agreement Template

Employment Agreement Template for Word

The employment agreement is really needed in order to deal with the good employment between the company or employer and also the employees. For sure, it will help both of the parties to get a solid relationship. That will help the parties, both the employees and also employers feel sure that they are agree regarding…

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Construction Contract Template

Construction Contract Template for Word

A Construction Contract template is a pre designed Construction Contract. It is a document that contains all information and terms about a construction project about which the deal is making. It specifies the obligations, duties, and rights of the client and the contractor related to a construction project. The work of contractor, duration of work,…

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Car Sale Agreement Template

Car Sale Agreement for Microsoft Word

Car Sale Agreement is a legal contract that clearly states the relationship of buyer and seller of a car. When you are set out to sell your car, you must prepare this contract to protect your rights, as well as the buyer’s rights. This piece of paper should provide detail information on the details of…

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