Janitorial Agreement Template

Janitorial Service Agreement Template for Word

If you want to get the proper janitorial services, it is much better if you also can have the specific agreement before hiring. That will give the specific information regarding to the services and also the regulations. So, the Janitorial Agreement document will be what you need to obtain. For sure, anyone expects for the…

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Exclusivity Agreement Template

Exclusivity Agreement Template for Word

If you are in a business of course you need to know much about the business including about the legal document which you might need regarding to deal with the activities which you do on your business. That is including on dealing with the partnership which you might need on dealing with the good opportunity…

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Car Sale Agreement Template

Car Sale Agreement for Microsoft Word

Car Sale Agreement is a legal contract that clearly states the relationship of buyer and seller of a car. When you are set out to sell your car, you must prepare this contract to protect your rights, as well as the buyer’s rights. This piece of paper should provide detail information on the details of…

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