Sublease Agreement Template

Sublease agreement is used for subleasing your dwelling to a new tenant. This condition is usually when someone has lease agreement in one place but he or she needs to move to another place due to job or other conditions. Sublease agreement can help avoiding double rent paying of dwelling because the existing contract will be sublease to new tenant and he or she will be in charge for the rent payment. The other terms of this agreement are various such as Sublet contract, sublease contract, sublet agreement, room rental agreement, residential sublease agreement or apartment sublease agreement.

Sublease Agreement Template
Sublease Agreement Template

Before creating sublet contract it is imperative to recheck the lease agreement or check the landlord to ensure that subleasing the dwelling will be allowed and no problem. Usually people look for the new tenant to sublease the dwelling from their friends or family on the top list. Some landlords do not allow the dwellers to sublease the apartment to new tenant and if you do this without concerning to the matters, you are possible to get evicted. Eviction makes the landlord legal to rent your apartment to whomever and not always to your friend or else who you are planning on take the sublease.

The Benefits of Having Sublease Contract
Leaving your apartment to the sublease tenant also has risk for the properties you or your landlord own. Here is the sublet contract plays important role to remain your mind in peace. Having sublease contract keeps the old tenant for any responsibility that is done by the sublease tenant. If any accidents happen caused by the sublease tenant, the liability and responsibility will be able to charge for the new tenant as he or she is responsible. It will remain no hassle of claim court or lawsuit because all parties have agreed and signed the agreement. Only when the agreement is breach, the litigation is possible to file.

Aspects to Outline in Sublease Contract
Creating sublet contract must outline and point several aspects that are possible to protect all parties. As the main tenant, you are possible to create this contract and put into details about all that must be obeyed by the sublease tenant.
• Maintenance can be hammered out into details in the contract when any maintenance matters are charged to the tenant. General upkeep, expense of operation and other maintenance can be converted to be in charge for the new sublease tenant.
• Addition and Repairs relate to the maintenance in which some landlords charged them to the tenants. When you have sublease tenant, any responsibility related to addition things or repair can be charged for him or her.

The template below is another sample you can use to learn more about sublease contract.

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Sublease Agreement Contract

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