Rental List Log Template

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Some items in your office maybe are not yours. Or, your company has no ability to purchase some important items needed for the operation. If that’s so, renting becomes an ideal option. Renting items from other companies is something common to do with companies or organizations since they need a big budget to buy it. Rental becomes a great option. Your company does not have to spend a lot of money to buy certain items for the company can still use the needed items by renting them.

Rental List Log Template

Because of that reason, opening a rental is a very promising business today. More companies and organizations will rent items from rental because it is much cheaper. However, the rental should take care of their items well. It can be done by issuing or using rental list log. The paper will help rental manage the items.

Rental list log is used to know if some items are out or still available. The rental will also know easily which company took it and when it will be returned. The list log usually contains the description of the item, the type, the date loaned and date returned. By holding the list log, a rental will not take too many risks because the items available are exactly traced.

This template below is a simple template to give you ideas on how to create your own rental list log. It is fully editable if you don’t want to start from an empty Microsoft Word page. It contains general information that should be available in general form.