Rental Agreement Template

Rental contract template will be a guide to the people who want to make rental contract. The rental contract or also referred as lease agreement form or rental agreement is a written contract that will be given by property owner when a potential tenant comes to rent property. This agreement is an important document that will help landlord and tenant understand and also protect the rights and obligations. Tenant and landlord can start their relationship as landlord-tenant without problem and on the right footing.

Rental Agreement Template
Rental Agreement Template

Who Will Need Rental Contract?
Rental contract will be necessary and needed by:
• The person who own properties and will lease the property to a tenant.
• The person who own a home and will rent one room at home to a tenant.

What Will Be Covered in Rental Contract?
In creating the rental contract, there will be several important things to be included in the rental contract. The basic and standard rental contract will include the followings:
• Information of landlord, tenant(s) and the property manager (if there is any).
• The duration of the rent or lease and whether it will be renewed automatically or not.
• How much payment that will be paid by the tenant(s).
• Rent schedule and due dates of payment.
• Responsibilities on particular utilities in the property.
• Policies for pets and guests.
• Information about the security deposit.
• Conditions for the early termination.
• Property damage clause.
• Penalties for the late rent.
• Tenant privileges such as the parking area or gym access.

Aside of the things mentioned above, there will be more things that cab also be provided for the complete rental contract. Those things are as the followings:
• General information of the property.
• The information about property maintenance.
• Furnishings of the property.
• Subletting provisions.
• Parking provisions.

Why Rental Contract is Important?
Rental contract is obvious an important thing. It is a very important thing to set up the rights and obligations for the both parties, the property owners and the tenants. By getting this contact done, property owner will be able to protect his property from the unnecessary damages. Property owner will prevent the other unpleasant possibilities such as tenants who refuse to pay on time and always push back the payment date. Tenants will also gain benefits because all of their rights will be protected clearly. One sample of this kind of contract can be downloaded below.

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Rental Contract Template

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