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If you run a company or business, the best way to gain important data of your employee related to their strength and weakness is indeed by spreading the questionnaire. Actually, such kind of questionnaire may function in various ways. Yet, what you need to know is that such questionnaire may perfectly suit for any businessmen in finding the best people that may suit to the team of their company, or suitable for marketing department to gather their customer responses on the products their company being sold, or to evaluate people behavior for preparation of their company’s new product. These are just a few samples of the usage of questionnaires. There are many more area where this kind of data collection can be implemented.

Questionnaire Template for Microsoft Word
Questionnaire Template

In order to be able to conduct perfect survey, you should create good quality of questionnaire checklist indeed. In common, people may use conventional questionnaire checklist that they can find on their computer data of their company. Yet, if you want to make sure that you provide better checklist, it has better to create your own template or getting from the best service. Questionnaire indeed may function to provide reference for us in comparing people’s opinion or data especially related to the abilities that they have. This may help us in determining to select people whom we really need for our purpose in business.

For your reference, you can download the questionnaire template below. You can customize it to suit your survey needs. There are four type of rates (poor, fair, good, and excellence) that you can use as options for your customers/clients to answer. To add more rows, you can copy the last row and paste below it using related Microsoft Word menu.