Prep Cook Job Description Template

Prep cook is a chef assistant who has a responsibility to prepare the food and organize cooking environment in particular restaurant. Depends on where he/she works, job responsibilities may vary on different places. This job description template consists general duties that should be done by prep cooks.

Prep Cook Job Description TemplatePrep Cook Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting preparation of meals that include chopping vegetables and blending ingredients
  • Making salads under instruction of senior chief
  • Dealing with dish washing and making sure that every kitchen equipment are well-managed after the cooking is completed.
  • Taking control of temperature of microwave and sometimes helping chief cook some kinds of foods.
  • Preparing every single thing of ingredient and take them from pantry. This job will make chief easier to do her/his tasks. This job also needs good knowledge on characteristic of ingredients since there hundreds of ingredients a chief usually uses to make foods.
  • Helping senior chief to brainstorm, finding new idea of cooking foods. One of many tasks with respect to this matter is to browse the internet looking for references to get ideas on cooking new foods and beverages.
  • Although it rarely happens, a prep cook sometimes delivers foods to customers. This job will be the main task when a restaurant is in small scale.
  • Making sure that condition of restaurants are well-managed in order that visitors can feel comfortable.
  • Helping chief to manage layout of new restaurant and deal with every detail a restaurant needs in order to be able to operate optimally.

It could be more duties you may write in the template. To quicken the process, you can download and use the general template below.

Prep Cook Job Description Template

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