Pre Wedding Photo Price List Template

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Pre wedding photo is one of essential part of our wedding. This is the way that we can use to share our happiness because we have met with someone that we loved to our friend, family and guest. Therefore, it could be great opportunity for you who have skill in photography and try to help these happy couples to create their pre wedding photo. Of course, it’s a normal if you charge them for the service that you want to give to them.

Pre Wedding Photo Price List Template for Microsoft Word
Pre Wedding Photo Price List Template

And to make sure you customer can choose the find the right price for the type of photo wedding that you have, you also need to place the example of your pre wedding photo on that list. You don’t need to hire professional to create to create list that you can use as a pre wedding photo lit. Hiring professional would be only wasting your money. So, you don’t need it and with right method and template, like this pre wedding photo price list template, your customer will be easier to choose the pre wedding photo style that they want.

This template is simple. It has many rows that you can use to place the pre wedding photo sample, the title of the style and the price. It’s editable, so, you can easily change the standard text in the box. The space that is available is also quite big, so, you can put the sample photo with good quality in it.