Plumbing Invoice Template

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For every kind of business, the information between the costumer and the seller should be clear and understandable, including the plumbing service even. Do not see it as small business so you think that everything can be done out of the record. When it comes to the money business, your company need to spend some of your time to make a selling and purchasing system which can bring the clearness when the transaction is happening, just like an invoice.

Plumbing Invoice Template for Word
Plumbing Invoice Template

Maybe it is just a little thing than other company’s business, but using an invoice for your plumbing business is very matter. By using a plumbing invoice, every transaction has a proof so it can be more well-organized and clear. Sometimes, the plumber may forget some little things that happen when the service is doing the invoice will remind those little things. The customers can get the explanation of service details that the plumber has done such as the fee of material, service or replacement. When every transaction is clear, it will make the customers feel safer to use the plumbing service in your place since the transaction is transparent. This feeling will bring them back to you again. The invoice will make every income can be calculated more effective and efficient.

This plumbing invoice template can be used by everybody so you do not need to be afraid that your plumber will be confused when he uses it. The upper part contains with the logo of your service. Next, the information related to the job is mentioned here such as the name of the plumber, when the service order is submitted, the job number, the job term, and the validity of the job. The costumer information contains with the identity of the customer such as the name, complete address and phone numbers. The labor label is filled with the rate which is charged by the customer per hour. If there is any additional material used, it is explained in material label. The total amount of the service is written in the lowest part of the invoice plus to whom this invoice is for.