Phone Extension List Template

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Working in a big company which has several departments can be troublesome for some people. The cause lies on communication system. In the past, people have to see the concerned staff in different department right away. This means that they have to walk to their offices somewhere. Of course, it is not efficient and time consuming. Now thanks to telephone and fax since this walking activity is not needed anymore. Nowadays, staff in one department can communicate and call other staff in separated department using phone and fax at once. And in order to do that, they need a phone extension list so they can communicate quickly just by seeing the list. Extension phone number is additional phone number wired to one phone line. Phone extensions allow people to make a call to people in different room in one phone line. this is usually used in offices or houses.

Phone Extension List Template for Word
Phone Extension List Template

However, can you remember the extension numbers all of your colleagues in the office? Perhaps it is impossible to memorize all phone extension numbers unless you have a very good memory or the extension number is less than 10 numbers. That’s the reasons why we need to have phone extension list on the desk. Furthermore, phone list extension is one primary thing to have for a new employee. It is the best way to handle in communication to former employee. You can make sure the position or department of people you need to contact.

What will you do  if you do not have Phone Extension List or if the company does not provide it in particular? You do not have to worry. You can create it on your own. To make it easy, first you can download the template below. Add number, person’s name, position and department to the list. Make it alphabetic, so it will be easier for you to search for a name quickly. By doing this, your communication with other staff will work well.