Pet Birth Certificate Template

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Having pets for some people is like an obligation to make. It is like our duty as human to have a pet as companion in life. Pets can be regarded as friends in one’s life. People usually have dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits other animals as their pets. On the contrary, sometimes people tend to have wild animals like snakes, tigers, crocodiles etc to be breed. Indeed, kind of animals to be considered as pets depend on people’s preferences. One thing for sure is we really care about our pets as much as we love them. For instance, we can make Pet Birth Certificate to make them our official pets.

Pet Birth Certificate Template for Word
Pet Birth Certificate Template

You can have Pet Certificate of Birth offered in available online shops. Of course, it will cost you some money to make it done. If not, as the owner you can make it on your own. By self-making it, you are free to design the certificate as you like. Before trying to make it consider some information related to your pet details, including name, pet type, date and place of birth, its weight, parents’ name if it purebred, gender, colors, birth rank, breeder information and any other relevant information.

You can make Pet Birth Certificate by hand drawing or using computer. The second choice might be simpler and easier to do. First thing to do is make the template. To make it short, you can download the template below and choose the suitable one you like. You can also modify and add clip art to the pet certificate using Microsoft Word. For example you can add baby photos, paw print or baby footprint as you want to make it memorable. Then print it in certificate paper to make it authentic. Sign and frame it to protect from dusk and mark. Hang it on your living room as reflecting your connection to your lovely pet.