Payment Receipt Template

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Every section in a company is important to sustain the life of that office itself. Every section is stand hand-in-hand to give their best contribution, so the company’s goal can be achieved. However, the archer of the company lies on the operational activity such as selling and purchase. Organizing the selling and purchasing company service tidily will help the company to calculate their income and outcome well this is why every operational staff such as cashier needs a payment receipt.

Payment Receipt Template for Word
Payment Receipt Template

By using a payment receipt, the calculation between income and outcome can be clearer because there is a proof of financial activity. The trust between company, staff and the buyer can be built in harmony because everything is clear. The company will be easier to check the company income via the payment receipt. The buyer also has a guarantee to experience safer purchasing moment. Using this list will make the customer see that they have bought in an organized shopping place, or service since every item has a clear calculation and proof. If a customer wants to get the item back, the cashier can check that item is from the same shop or another shop. Organized income report will make the profit calculation can be better, clearer and more profitable.

When you use this payment receipt, first you just need to write when the transaction happens in “no” and “date” column. Next, the name of the buyer is written in “received by” column. The amount of the money in explained with its purpose also. The last is the identity of involved officer or cashier, such as the name and sign.