5 Apology Letter Templates

Apology Letter Template

Nowadays, habit of writing letters to people tends to decrease with the raise of mobile messenger that will send any messages quickly. But, it is still needed to make it more official and represent you either as a person or as a company. In this article, you can find five apology letter samples you can…

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Graphic Design Price List Template

Graphic Design Price List Template Word

Graphic design price list template is free price list template for web services business. To give the most effective company promotion, graphic design service can be the smart choice to go. For attracting the new customers in our company, graphic design will help us build the image of our brand through the logo and the…

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Vendor Registration Form Template

Vendor Registration Form Word Template

The vendor registration form might be such the thing which is totally needed if you are interested in organizing an event or even want to establish a community which the business vendors might register, as like by organizing such a business exhibition in particular theme or particular field, for example the mom and baby exhibition.…

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Drop Ship Contract Template

Drop Shipping Contract Word Template

Get the Drop Ship Contract Template that available to use for drop ship supplier, vendors, and many more.  The drop ship or in other word is called with direct shipping is a supply chain for business distribution where the vendors transfer the purchase order and the shipment details to the supplier or wholesaler. The supplier…

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