5+ Acceptance Letter Templates for Any Purposes

Acceptance Letter Templates

Usually, acceptance letter is covered in a type of receipt form. But, some companies prefer to have those receipts in type of letters where it could have several terms write in those letters. Acceptance Letter of Business Invitation It will be my pleasure to attend a tour of your new office.  Indeed, I look forward…

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Service Contract Template

Service Agreement Word Template

Service contract also points to Service agreement or contract for service. It is a written agreement that is created by provider of a service and the customer who uses the service. The contract outlines some terms of specific services that employs and expected by two parties. More details about two parties in this contract are,…

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License Agreement Template

License Agreement Word Template

A license agreement, also called trademark license agreement, is an agreement made between an intellectual property owner and someone who wishes to use that property in a business to legalize the utilization or exploitation of that property. In the business world, the genuineness of a product or service is an important asset. This is the…

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Maintenance Contract Template

Maintenance Contract Word Template

You probably have heard about maintenance contract in one way or another. It is a particular contract which is typically provided by contractor or manufacturer of equipment. It is considered as an established free service and it is a contract which is used to govern the maintenance process of equipment or buildings. Based on conditions…

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