Drink Menu Template

Drink Menu Template for Microsoft Word

As a restaurant or café owner, you provide not only food but also drink. When it comes to create the menu, you do not only give the attention on the main course or the food that your place but also the drink that you serve. Along with your food menu, you also must create an…

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Donation Receipt Template

Donation Receipt Template for Microsoft Word

If you have a foundation which receives people’s donation in the form of money or goods, then you should have donation receipt to record everything your foundation has received. The receipt will work as the prove to other people about how much they have contributed or donated for your foundation, so they can bring it…

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Donation Gift Certificate Template

Donation Gift Certificate Template for Microsoft Word

If you ever heard about donation gift certificate, you maybe wonder what actually they are and where this certificate goes to? Actually, this certificate is just another form of certificate that you can use for donation purpose. If someone gives you or your foundation some amount of money as a donation, you can give this…

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Dog Bill of Sale Template

Dog Bill of Sale Template for Microsoft Word

No matter what type of transaction that you think about, you will get the bill or receipt from it to prove that the transaction has been made and approved by the buyer and the seller. The same thing goes for dog bill of sale. If you have the business place that sell pets, then when…

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Delivery Receipt Template

Delivery Receipt Template for MS Word

If you are in the business of delivery, then you must be aware of an item that called delivery receipt. This receipt is a document (usually in a single paper only) that must be signed by the person who has received products or other goods as the statement that he or she has actually received…

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Daily Planner Template

Daily Planner Template for Word

A person should have created a plan to deal with busy day. Some people will write the plan on a piece of paper while others depend themselves on the help of template that are available in the internet world. A daily event schedule, then, is important for those who want to make sure that he…

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Credit Card Usage Log Template

Credit Card Use Log Template for Word

If you have a credit card, then the card can be used as a substitution for cash. You can use a credit card in every merchant that accepts payment using cards. But surely the amount of payment that can be used in a month depends on the remaining credit limit that you have. So in…

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Contractor Invoice Template

Contractor Invoice Template for Word

There are many definitions that can be tagged into a term like “contractor”. In broader sense, most people has defined the term as a person or organization which made a contract with other organization or person for construction of road, highway, office, and other types of building. An organization which involves in a contract must…

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Consultant Invoice Template

Consultant Invoice Template for Word

We already knew there are hundred types of consultants, each of which is becoming an expert of things or fields. Basically, people will also capable of finding either part time or full time consultants, so in essence they can find a consultant easily. In a specific field case, we already knew there are many people…

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