Checkbook Register Template

Checkbook Register Template for Microsoft Word

Some people usually use a checkbook register to record anything in your expenses. It is true that the use of a checkbook register to record expenses is easier and simpler, however you need to have a self-discipline to do it, otherwise you will end up losing track of how much money you have spent. It…

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Blood Pressure Log Template

Blood Pressure Log Template for Microsoft Word

People are very familiar with the term ‘blood pressure’. In fact, they will go through this examination every time they visit their doctors. High blood pressure or low blood pressure is the sign showing that someone has problems with their health condition and need to work it out immediately. In the term of blood pressure…

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Basic Resume Template

Basic Resume Template for Microsoft Word

No one wants to get failed in applying for a job. However, the tough competition among the applicants cannot be avoided sometimes. That is why employers will make a strict selection in order to find the best candidates to work with them. One of the things to screen the applicant’s capabilities is their resume. It…

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Artwork Bill of Sale Template

Artwork Bill of Sale Template for Microsoft Word

If you run a commercial business, it is important to record all transactions. This task is probably overwhelming. However, monitoring the financial flow from purchasing and selling the store inventory will show the earned profits. The collected copies of invoices or bill of sale can be proof of how much money has been delivered to…

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Balance Sheet Template

Balance Sheet Template for Microsoft Word

If you want to know the financial condition of a company, the balance sheet is what you need. Do you have a company or do you run a small business? You must build it to earn profits. Therefore, you need to make sure that you can get what you want after a period of time.…

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2013 Linear Calendar Template

2013 Linear Calendar Template for Microsoft Word

Basically, this is another type of calendar which grouped and arrange its dates in horizontal cells instead of block cells where you usually found in many calendars. So, you will hardly find it in the market or even in internet, especially if you plan to make some customization. Some people are more comfortable using this…

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Recipe Card Template

Recipe Card Template for Microsoft Word

Cooking is a fun activity for many people whether they are women or men. It is because cooking is not only about processing foods but also giving touch of arts on it. If you love cooking but you haven’t mastered enough kinds of your favorite menu, writing your recipes in papers is a great idea…

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Wedding Day Checklist Template

Wedding Day Checklist Template for Microsoft Word

Wedding preparation is a daunting task. In the day of the wedding, you need to know exactly what to do or you will ruin your own wedding. Writing wedding day checklist in one piece of paper could be your solution. It helps you to be organized in your wedding day and to remember everything you…

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