Payment Receipt Template

Payment Receipt Template for Word

Every section in a company is important to sustain the life of that office itself. Every section is stand hand-in-hand to give their best contribution, so the company’s goal can be achieved. However, the archer of the company lies on the operational activity such as selling and purchase. Organizing the selling and purchasing company service…

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Mileage Log Template

Mileage Log Template for Word

A business trip is a common activity done by company’s staff. There will be one or more people given charge by the manager to meet clients somewhere. Since it is for the business purpose, it will be more reasonable if those people are offered to use the company fleet. Of course, they can’t use it…

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Medication Log Template

Medication Log Template for Word

Recording medication everyday is probably something tough to do. You have to make sure that everything is written accurately. As a nurse, keeping the eyes on each patient health condition is not easy. To help you track the given medications, you can use certain recording sheet called medication log. Medication Log Template can be obtained…

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Issue Log Template

Issue Log Template for Word

Issue log template is usually used at the beginning of the project. In some project, the issue log is actually used as a guideline for the release schedule. In the issue log template, you can find some columns, such as issue number, issue description, responsible, action, and also due date of the issue description. Project…

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Kids Menu Template

Kids Menu Template for Microsoft Word

Kids menu is always displayed in restaurant menu especially fast food restaurants. If you plan to go to restaurant with your kids, make sure if the restaurant has kids menu. In McDonalds and KFC restaurants, the kids menu is also available because it is part of marketing business. If you give more hope to the…

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Laptop Specification Template

Laptop Specification Template for Microsoft Word

Selling a laptop is not an easy way to do because there are hundred of products available in the market. But you don’t need to worry about that as long as you give the best service to your customers. One way to give the best service is by explaining about the specification of the laptop…

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