Joint Venture Agreement Template

Joint Venture Agreement Template for Word

Joint Venture Agreement is a regulatory or business agreement between two or more parties to collect or gather the resources they have in order to work and complete a particular job. The job can be certain projects or businesses that involve more than one party only. When all parties agree on Joint Venture Agreement, so…

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Janitorial Agreement Template

Janitorial Service Agreement Template for Word

If you want to get the proper janitorial services, it is much better if you also can have the specific agreement before hiring. That will give the specific information regarding to the services and also the regulations. So, the Janitorial Agreement document will be what you need to obtain. For sure, anyone expects for the…

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Freelance Contract Template

Freelance Agreement Template for Word

Being a freelancer or hiring a freelance employee will be such the alternative for getting the best choice of the solution for human resources. Commonly the company needs the freelancers for photographer, writer, designer, and so on. Of course, that depends on the industry of the business which we conduct. Hiring the freelancers might require…

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Exclusivity Agreement Template

Exclusivity Agreement Template for Word

If you are in a business of course you need to know much about the business including about the legal document which you might need regarding to deal with the activities which you do on your business. That is including on dealing with the partnership which you might need on dealing with the good opportunity…

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Employment Agreement Template

Employment Agreement Template for Word

The employment agreement is really needed in order to deal with the good employment between the company or employer and also the employees. For sure, it will help both of the parties to get a solid relationship. That will help the parties, both the employees and also employers feel sure that they are agree regarding…

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DJ Contract Template

DJ Contract Template for Word

A Disc Jockey (DJ) Contract is a contract between the DJ (for their services) and the client in which the client can be a corporate or an individual. It is made basically to help avoiding disputes in the future because it contains all terms and conditions about the event where the DJ will perform. It…

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Disclaimer Template

Disclaimer Template for Word

A Disclaimer is a document that clearly spells out what client or customer responsibilities are and what are not your responsibilities. A disclaimer is one of ways to protect your business from becoming legally responsible for silly things that other people might do. Being charged for things you are not responsible for might affect your…

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Construction Contract Template

Construction Contract Template for Word

A Construction Contract template is a pre designed Construction Contract. It is a document that contains all information and terms about a construction project about which the deal is making. It specifies the obligations, duties, and rights of the client and the contractor related to a construction project. The work of contractor, duration of work,…

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Consignment Agreement Template

Consignment Agreement Template for Word

Consigment Agreement will protect your rights in getting fair trade. This agreement is used when you are going to sell off your asset but you use someone else’s service to do the sales. It’s hiring someone to sell your asset on your behalf. It makes a convenience way of selling your asset as you don’t…

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Child Support Agreement Template

Child Support Agreement Template for Word

Child Support Agreement finalizes the separation of parents. Of course, it’s the last thing that any couple would have ever wanted. However, things can turn bad in life that it forces into separation. Children often brings their own part of problem in the divorce process. Setting an agreement of child support should be enough to…

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Catering Contract Template

Catering Contract Template for Word

Catering Contract is legal document that states the agreement in using catering service for certain event. This contract is made to protect the obligations and responsibilities of two different parties in getting their rights. When you are having an event with lots of guests, food becomes a crucial part of it. Using the service of…

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