New Year’s Resolution Template

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Everybody wants to be better person that have better life, including you, isn’t it? The only method that you can use to get that dream is to change. You don’t have to dramatically change and transform. But, you can do it little by little and you can start it right away. This New Year could be the best moment to change into better person and have better life.

New Years Resolution Template for Microsoft Word
New Year’s Resolution Template

To make everything easier, you can create New Year Resolution list, so, you can easily find out what kinds of change you want to do next year. It would be better, if you make the list in checklist style. With this style, this New Year resolution checklist will be like a watcher for what you are going to do next year. This list also makes you very satisfy when you successfully do the goal that you put in the list. And, I believe, when you put the check mark or success status, there’s a feeling of that you have accomplished something worthy in your life. And for the checklist, you can use this template.

It’s simple template with two big columns that you can edit its wide, so, you can put many words to explain your goal in it. Like mentioned before, it’s editable. The big title that shows your name and year of the resolution uses simple font. This is also editable, so, you can change its font with more extravagant font, or you can modify its layout  with your own layout to meet your requirement.