New Employee Orientation Checklist Template

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It is great to have a new employee becomes mostly they have new spirit. Of course, you have to know about their job satisfaction to make sure that this new employee is ready to support your team well. While asking specific details, you can also use a template to make it easy and simple. At least, you don’t need much time to ask and later you can see it from the template. The specific template you need to give for your new employee is a new employee orientation checklist.

New Employee Orientation Checklist Template for Word
New Employee Orientation Checklist Template

You don’t need to make the checklist template by yourself because you can just download it. Moreover, you don’t need to spend your money at all because it is free to download. By having this new employee orientation checklist your job to classify the new comers become much easier than before. The best thing of using this column is that you don’t need to ask the interview in detail and you can see it from the result of the form itself.

This template consists of two big parts. Item part and policy part. Item part is a checklist of company properties which being borrowed/given by new employees within their working period. Some of them could be taken 24 hours per day, such as business cards, laptop, or operational car. Other item only can be used within working hour. And when they resign from the company, they have to return those company properties using this checklist as a reference. Policy part is a checklist of company policies that has been informed to new employees and they also already received printed materials of that policy. New employees have to sign this as a proof that they have received company item and understand its policy.