Monthly Sales Target Template

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As a salesman, you need to follow the target from your company. Making a sales target is important so you know whether your product is interesting or not for the customers. Moreover, you can also notice what type of product which is considered as a sold out product from the sales target.

Monthly Sales Target Template for Microsoft Word
Monthly Sales Target Template

Actually, sales target is come from your the management of your company. If you manage several sales to sell your company products, you should map the sales target and distribute it among your sales staff. Probably you will need a reference to map those sales target. And this template below should be one of your references. Hopefully, by using this kind of template you can monitor your sales achievement each month. The most important thing is that the form can help you to manage the sales well especially to detect your sales target monthly.

You can customize this template. There is option to fill the name of the sales or your store where you can add more item or erase it, if you don’t need it. Don’t forget to type target month. Then, you need to include the code of the product and again it makes you easy to list the product. Of course, you need to write down the product and the price of the product. The last thing to fill is about the sales target and it is related to the quantity of the product.