Monthly Sales Report Template

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Besides having a monthly sales target template, you also need to have a monthly sales report. Actually, this report shows you the quantity of the product sold each month. By seeing this report you can notice the popular product and the highest quantity of the product. You can also decide which product you need to prepare in higher quantity than the other product. The sheet is also simple and to make it fast, you can just download it for free.

Monthly Sales Report Template for Microsoft Word
Monthly Sales Report Template

You can just use this report whether you are small company or even big company. Just do it per month and later you can notice the trend of your product. The report includes the information that you need and you can notice whether your sales is increased or not. This is including the information about which product becomes the favorite of your customers. The total column shows the trend of your customers when they are buying your products per month. The explanation below is what you need to complete in your monthly sales report.

The first thing is filling the name of the sales. Just mention the exact month. Just include the code of the product. You also need to write down the name of the product. Just write down the product to anticipate if you forget the code of the product. Then you can start typing the quantity of the products being sold on related dates. The last thing to do is counting the final total of the products and put the result on the total column. If you feel that this template is not suitable with your needs, you can either create the new one based on this template or modify this template to meet your requirement.