Monthly Membership Fee Payment Template

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Following certain group is interesting because you can meet people who have the same interest. And it is common that you will be asked to pay a monthly fee to become a member of those groups. Managing those payment is not as easy as you think, in natural, member of any groups have to be reminded about the payment or they will forget to pay on time.

Monthly Membership Fee Payment Template for Word
Monthly Membership Fee Payment Template

If you are being appointed as a person who responsible to collect the money, you can limit the difficulty by make a monthly membership fee payment sheet. The way to make this sheet is simple and later you know the members who always pay the fee and the member who doesn’t really pay the fee. Just give the checklist in the specific month if the member paid the fee. Definitely, this kind of form helps you a lot especially to calculate the total amount of fee from the members. The best thing to use this kind of form is that you can limit the mistake. Furthermore, you can explain to the members especially if there is complain from them related to the membership monthly fee.

You can download the ready-made template and modify it to suit your organization needs. In this template you will see the name of your organization as a primary identity of this sheet. Then you can modify the headers of the table, or you can add/eliminate some columns. There are monthly columns where you can write down the amount of payment or mark the member who has paid the membership fee.