Mileage Log Template

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A business trip is a common activity done by company’s staff. There will be one or more people given charge by the manager to meet clients somewhere. Since it is for the business purpose, it will be more reasonable if those people are offered to use the company fleet. Of course, they can’t use it as what they want. The monitoring is still needed to make sure that the assigned employees do what the manager says well. What is needed to track this kind of business trip?

Mileage Log Template for Word
Mileage Log Template

If you are the boss, or an operation manager or people who in charge on company car management, you can simply use this Mileage Log template. It is a table with some matters to record related the use of company’s fleet. It will cover the information about the employee, fleet mileage tracking including the destination and trip distance as well as the signature of the supervisor. Besides being used as fleet tracking tool, this log form of mileage can perform as supporting data related to the made business trips. By using this form, the related employees how use the company’s fleet won’t use the vehicles for their benefits only. And with the form, the company can record how much funds have been spent for the business trips. The verbal report is not enough. The log of mileage form can be more trusted supporting data.

As what has been described above, this mileage log form will at least cover the record of employee, vehicle, starting place, destination, purpose, mileage, and rate. The bottom part there will be spaces for special note and also the signature of related employee and his supervisor.