Medication Tracker Template

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When your doctor prescribes you some medicine in order to heal your unhealthy body, you have to really consider that you have to obey in taking your medicine as your doctor has been recommended. There are, at least, four principles in taking medicine, they are right patient, right medicine, right dose, and right time. The conclusion is poor adherence to medication is a major problem in all of treatment. That’s why some people who are in medication treatment need to have medication tracker in order to decrease the probability of poor adherence.

Medication Tracker Template for Word
Medication Tracker Template

Medication tracker will help the patient in making list on how much dose, how many number of pills, how often, and what the medication for. From the example of the checklist, you put calcium since you often feel your back is killing you as you have problem with your backbone. But you have to remember that your doctor prescribed you to take a pill (500 mg) in every twice a day, no more or less. You can list these recommendation in your tracker to avoid you forget to take it. Otherwise, you must have heard about the result evidenced by National cancer Institute in US which states there are people who have a greater chance to get prostate cancer because they consume more than one vitamin in a day. It’s awful, right? So keep in mind, if you do not follow the doctor’s advice to take the drug as doctor’s recommendation, the disease may arise again in the future or the worse is you can get a new disease. So once again I will say to you, using medication tracker will be good for you whether in this present or future.

To use this medication tracker template, put your medicine list rule consumption at the top of table, and type your daily consumption at the lower table. You can duplicate lower table rows as many as you need.