Medication Log Template

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Recording medication everyday is probably something tough to do. You have to make sure that everything is written accurately. As a nurse, keeping the eyes on each patient health condition is not easy. To help you track the given medications, you can use certain recording sheet called medication log.

Medication Log Template for Word
Medication Log Template

Medication Log Template can be obtained for free on the internet. It is also possible for you to create yourself or to modify from existing template that you can download below. For the effectiveness, you can get the template and print it in some copies, depends how many patients you need to take care of. You have to prepare one medication log for each patient. There are some points of information can be included on the printed template. They are including patient’s name, date of birth, doctor name, pharmacy and social number security. It is also essential to put the doctor and pharmacy’s phone number. You will need it to get immediate assistance on emergency situation. However, it is possible to make some modifications on the Medication Log Template. You know a lot about your needs more than anyone else.

The Medication Log Template is also able to be owned by a patient. If you want to track your own medications, you can use the same tool. On the table, information about prescribed drugs is listed. It is including the name and dosage of the medication. The information about date and time when a medication given, also needs to be included on the recording. There is also special space for adding remark to sign whether you have taken the medication or not.