Kindergarten Readiness Checklist Template for Microsoft Word

Being teacher is not easy especially when it comes to kindergarten teacher. Kindergarten children are pupils who are in the golden age. In this age, they will learn how to communicate and associate with other people, the older and the same ages. Not only communicate, they will be educated how to conduct some behaviors and ability such as knowing her or his name, parent, putting something, taking something and etc, so they will be ready to be a new individual in this world.

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist Template for Microsoft Word
Kindergarten Readiness Checklist Template

However, since this is the early step for those little children to step out from their comfort zone, it is really difficult to see their abilities. No certificate and marks are available to see whether they are ready to go to school or not. We do not know is there any problem in them or not.

As the kindergarten teacher, we can use the kindergarten readiness checklist as a guideline to see whether they are able to follow the school’s program or not. We also can see the ability of the children to gain their talents. If they have problem with some skills, this checklist will tell us sooner, so we can take next action or tell their parent to get better decision.

This checklist is initiated with list which contains of the item and the checklist column. The items are filled with basic kindergarten assessment value, those are :

Academic skills, where kids are being assessed whether they can

  • Say his/her name, age, address and phone number
  • Write his/her name, his/her parents name
  • Recognizes colors – 8 colors, etc

Physical/motor skills, where kids are being asked to

  • Tie his/her own shoes
  • Color a picture
  • Cut straight line with scissors, etc

and emotional skills,where they will be monitored about

  • Socialization with other children
  • Behavior to handle winning and losing gracefully
  • Controlling his/her anger and frustration, etc

You can find more complete assessment item in kindergarten readiness checklist template below. Feel free to customize it to meet your requirement.

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist Template

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