Internship Contract Word Template

During the school holiday, you might consider for hire the intern for your business. When you are going to have internship employee, here are some tips for your Internship Agreement Template. The first thing that you need to consider for your internship agreement is you need to keep it in simple. This will make you easier to record for the each internship duties and responsibilities for you.

Internship Contract Word Template
Internship Agreement Word Template

Some of internship agreement contract provisions for several terms such as no conventional salary, expenses for account payments, the fixed internship duration statement, no fixed working time, there are no commitment for work and given t undertaken, and the most important is the statement that this internship agreement in not an employment contract.

There are several points that you need to determine for your business protection. The first thing is ensure you protected with confidentiality obligation that makes sure that your business secret and disclosure information still confidential. The next is commitment for health and safety. You need to ensure that your internship is guarantee with their safety and health policies during they are spending time working in your office. You need to commit yourself that you give equal opportunities policies to your internship.  Confirmation your internship with the working time regulation and make sure that you follow the rule for maximum average for worked 48 hours per week. If there are any internship are able to work in longer time, ensure that they have policies and includes the option in this internship agreement.

When you are writing your internship agreement, you need to write down for the crucial information such as the compensation rate and payment frequency. The holiday pay and time and any holiday will be included in annual payment.  You need to state what time, day and hours that you expect for the employee to work and the location if you have branch. Write the internship responsibilities and length the duration contract will hold. Get the specify work for your internship and ensure that you are control the in well. Qualify for the benefit that your internship worker will be getting such as insurance, bonus and extra fee for their longer time worker.  When you are clearly makes your internship agreement in simple and readable, your internship employee will happy to work in your office and do their job in full responsibilities.

Below is an internship agreement format template you can use for your reference.

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Internship Agreement Template

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