Home Inventory List Template

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How can you name out everything that you have inside your house? You can do it for every item and furniture using a home inventory list. Everything inside your house will be recorded in a list form. What are you going to do with that? This list is important, maybe not for now but someday when you suddenly face the reality where your house got burnt or somebody breaks in your house, then you need to give the data about what you have lost to the insurance company. The case also happens when you are going to move to another place and you don’t want anything left behind.

Home Inventory List Template for Word
Home Inventory List Template

You can make your own home inventory list sheet or you can simply download this home inventory list template that allows you to work on it easily or make your customization. The sheet or the list must list everything. Try not to forget anything so maybe you can start to record it room by room.

What are you going to put inside the list? Start with your house address and all family member names. Then you can start with the list of your rooms. Write down every item that you have, its brand or model, how much you pay for it, when did you buy it, where did you buy it, put the serial number, warranty information, insurance and maybe additional information that you like to add. Be very careful and pay attention when you do this, so you won’t miss any item in your home inventory list.