Home Inspection Checklist Template

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Buying a house is not like buying a candy in the store. We cannot say yes and no in the short time without a long consideration. Even though we have fallen in love with the house since the first time we sees it, do not be hurry to say yes because we do not know what happens inside of the house, that could be far from what it seems. Since house is classified as a long term need where we will spend most of our time in, the price of the house should be worth with all features that the house has, including the external factors also.

Home Inspection Checklist Template for Word
Home Inspection Checklist Template

Using your memory to see what are the plus value and minus value of the house is not the answer to get your ideal house. For some people who are looking for the ideal house, home inspection checklist can be good tool to bring. Home inspection list is a list that the buyer can fill as guide to find the best house that they can find. They can also fulfill it while they are inspecting the future house, so they can make it as a consideration whether to buy the house or not.

This home inspection checklist template consists of several pages. The first page is a form that you can fill with all detail about the house. The rest of the pages are filled with tables which should correspond with the area in the house. You can add or erase tables which have no relation with your house.