Gym Instructor Cover Letter Template

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Why do you need a Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer while you were in a Gym? Because they will help you setting up plan, assessing your exercises and providing feedback which should help you achieving your fitness goals without damaging your health. They may also educate you in other aspects of wellness, for example, general health and nutrition guidelines. In some cases, several gym also employ qualified gym instructors or personal trainers to give them objective information regarding gym program and their client’s health.

If you are a Qualified or Certified Gym Instructor, you will have a good possibility to work in any Gym anywhere. And as long as you have a good resume, you won’t have to worry to much. But, you still need to write a good cover letter to make sure that your employer will open and read your resume.

Gym Instructor/Personal Trainer Cover Letter Template for Word
Gym Instructor Cover Letter Template

Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for the position of a Gym Instructor or Fitness Instructor as advertised in your website. I think with my qualification, education background and high passion in exercise and fitness I will become the best candidate to become your fitness or gym instructor in your place.

I have fulfilled requirements that you offered. I have finished my Bachelor Degree in Sport Science and Exercise in California University. I am excellent in working individually and I can work with other people too. I learned about first aid and get my certificate in sport massage and also remedial course from management training. I have worked as Health Instructor in Optimum Health. I ever worked in Gold Coast Gym center as personal instructor and give best services for hotel guests.

I attach my resume so you can read all things in detail. I can be contacted at (02)444 8887. I Look forward to hearing from you soon and discuss about the position.


This letter above just a sample that might give you ideas on writing your own cover letter. Below, you can download the Microsoft Word version which you can use as your template.