Guest Room Cleaning Checklist Template

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Do you know what makes the price for staying in the hotel can be so expensive? Everybody surely knows the answer, which is convenient service. The comfortable feeling of the customer will affect the reputation of the hotel in public, the price that the hotel can charge and the most important thing is the trust of the customer. This is why, the clean and completeness of each room in the hotel should be paid attention seriously to avoid the customer complaining because some items that should be available in the room are not there.

Guest Room Cleaning Checklist Template for Word
Guest Room Cleaning Checklist Template

If you are a hotel owner, or the manager of the hotel, it is very necessary to give each of your housekeeping staffs with guest room cleaning checklist. Using words to them for telling what they have to do will be so risky since they are a human who can forget and miss some little thing in front of them. The Guest cleaning room is a list which consists of many tasks that they have to accomplish in the hotel room, such as the completeness of room appliances and amenities, the tidiness of the room and room setting. With the list, the risk of forgetting the task will be reduced.

In the template that you download below, you will see that the list is divided into several parts. The first part of the list is about the identity such as the number of the room which is inspected, the date where the tasks is conducted and the name of the housekeeping staff for responsibility. The list is divided into two column, namely the item (consist of the needed tasks) and yes/no option. Each room is mentioned on the list, but there are in different section. The tasks includes the check of appliance completeness, amenities and room setting. Feel free to personalize it to meet your hotel/inn requirement.