Expecting Mom Checklist Template

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A married woman may expect to become a mother in the future. When she’s pregnant, it is sure that there will be many items to purchase in order to assure that the needs of herself and her baby are fulfilled. Most mothers cannot remember all the items to be purchased. Therefore an expecting mom checklist will be absolutely needed. It functions as a reminder, recording all items which should be purchased when she’s shopping at the store.

Expecting Mom Checklist Template for Word
Expecting Mom Checklist Template

What are the things to be covered by expecting mom checklist? Well, the list covers three basic categories of items that should be considered by mom including the basics for mom, the basics for baby, and mom’s hospital bag packing list. Each category consists of lots of items that need to be prepared. For example, “the basics for baby” listing several items to be purchased, such as face cloths, hats, bibs, diaper bags, and so on; while “the basics for baby” listing several other items, such as nursing pads, maternity pads, socks and more.

The list may help you check all items you wish to buy. The mom should ensure whether all the needs are already purchased, whether they are sufficient for fulfilling the needs of her baby, or whether they have been inserted into her cart.  If you are looking a template that you can use to write your list down, you can download one sample below.