Event Planning Checklist Template

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Planning an event, no matter what is scale, is very challenging. If you just plan a small even such as your children’ birthday or your friend’s maybe the challenge will not make your heart beat out from your heart, but how about planning a big event such as a big gala dinner for company or fundraising. In this occasion, not only your credibility, but also your company and your bosses’ credibility will be affected. For this opportunity, or challenge definitely, you have to prepare everything very well even though you hire a event organizer. To help you organize everything, you need something so-called event planning checklist.

Event Planning Checklist Template for Word
Event Planning Checklist Template

Even Planning checklist is a bulk of not consisting with all tasks that you need for holding an event. Using this checklist in your hand will help you scan small details that are very important for your occasion such as the theme, location, program of the show, accommodations of the guests, facility of the occasion, the information about the event sponsor, budget and the follow-up action. The occasion becomes easier to be managed because all information is packed in one note, this checklist. There will be no item is missing and the show will run according to what you expect to be.

When you use this event planning checklist, you need to write about the theme of the show in the “event title” column. The sponsor of the event needs to be written in the second line and its address also. In its below, there are some information about the occasion itself such as the location, date, time, budget, and location to visit in the occasion’s place. For more specific items such as the arrangement of guest seat and the entertainment facility are mentioned in the next section. Housekeeping list section includes what are needed in guest’s room if they have to stay in the hotel. For printed document such as placard, invitation, photos are also mentioned in the last section. From the event location to the signage can be filled by giving the check sign.