Employee Termination Checklist Template

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Employee termination can be very difficult process either for employer and the employee, especially if they have been working together for long time. But, it’s need to be done. And when you have to do that, you also need to make sure that the process will be going as smooth as it can be. The employee termination process actually has simple process, but, there’s huge list of things that your employee need to do before he or she receive their final paycheck and leave the company.

Employee Termination Checklist Template for Word
Employee Termination Checklist Template

The employee termination checklist will help your employee to taking care everything and finish all problems before this employee leave. For the employer, this checklist also helps them to inventorying and check the requirement that your employee need to be fulfilled. So, when the employee receive the final paycheck and leave the company, they won’t leave anything that gives you and your company more problems. This checklist also can become a proof that your employee has received all rights that your employee must receive when they are working at your company. And to make everything easier, you can use this employee termination checklist template.

It’s simple template, but, with the detail information of employee and department on top of template make it looks formal. There are two main parts here, the return and complete part. Each of them has checked box, so, it will be easier to fill out. The comment space is quite wide; make you easier to give any comment about your employee. Basically, this template makes everything easier for employee termination process.