Drink Menu Template

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As a restaurant or café owner, you provide not only food but also drink. When it comes to create the menu, you do not only give the attention on the main course or the food that your place but also the drink that you serve. Along with your food menu, you also must create an attractive drink menu which explains everything that you have there.

Drink Menu Template for Microsoft Word
Drink Menu Template

When you want to have the drink menu, it should not only be attractive but is also very appeal to make your guests want to try one, then you need to put the picture of it. Let’s say you serve mangorango juice (a mix between mango and orange), and then the picture of it will explain a lot better than your words. Make sure to take and shoot the best picture of it if you want to attract people curiosity to try it on.

Although it was not that hard to make a drink menu yourself, you can use these free templates that you can customize on your own. This will help you to concentrate on other things such as the picture of your drink and what you are going to name it. Those templates have the area for your drink picture, and the cells below or next to it where you can put the name of the drink, its description and also its price. Simple and easy for you to try and you can expect more orders on your drink, which means you will earn more profit from this simple action.