Donation Receipt Template

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If you have a foundation which receives people’s donation in the form of money or goods, then you should have donation receipt to record everything your foundation has received. The receipt will work as the prove to other people about how much they have contributed or donated for your foundation, so they can bring it back home for their own proud or for other purpose.

Donation Receipt Template for Microsoft Word
Donation Receipt Template

It was very easy to make your own donation receipt or in case you still cannot imagine what it looks like, then you can download some templates that you can use right away or to inspire you to make a new one. First, you need to decide what type of receipt you need. You can make the receipt for cash donation only or for cash and goods donation. It has a little differences on both receipts although they have the same purpose.

What you are going to need inside your donation receipt is the date of donation is given to your foundation. Then there must be receipt number, your foundation’s name and logo for sure, the donator’s name, the name of person who accepts it, and the description about the donation. If it comes in cash, then you can write down how much it is and if it comes in goods, then you need to provide extra space on the receipt to describe about the goods, how much it is, what the goods  are and other information about it. That is easy enough so you can arrange something on your own and make it personalized to your foundation by using the downloaded template below as your reference.