Donation Gift Certificate Template

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If you ever heard about donation gift certificate, you maybe wonder what actually they are and where this certificate goes to? Actually, this certificate is just another form of certificate that you can use for donation purpose. If someone gives you or your foundation some amount of money as a donation, you can give this certificate to them as the form of gratitude for the help that they have given.

Donation Gift Certificate Template for Microsoft Word
Donation Gift Certificate Template

Or, you can give this to your friend as your request for them to make some donation that was purposed to help other people who need it. It works like voucher you can find to buy something in the market but instead of product, it gives those people the chance to help other without have to be directly involved. The donation gift certificate is easy enough to make it or you can simply download the templates from free source to give you what you need.

What you need to know is that there is some information that must be found inside the donation gift certificate.  Started with the company name that will bring the donation to people who need it, date, and certificate number, the name of people who give donation and also the name of people or organization which will accept it. You also can put the amount of money that you want them to donate in certain amount of money or maybe in wide range so people can spend their money as much as they can afford to and help you to raise more money to help others.