Delivery Receipt Template

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If you are in the business of delivery, then you must be aware of an item that called delivery receipt. This receipt is a document (usually in a single paper only) that must be signed by the person who has received products or other goods as the statement that he or she has actually received the package. The courier then will hand over the receipt to the company they work to show that they have delivered the package as requested.

Delivery Receipt Template for MS Word
Delivery Receipt Template

You can make the delivery receipt on your own, or you can find some free templates where you can customize it based on your need. Although so, there are some points must be included inside the receipt. It must have the company’s logo and full address, the receipt number to make your staffs document it neatly, and the receiver who has accepted the package.

Then, there must be the description about the package itself. How many packages have been delivered, what they are, and total number of the packages. And of course by the end of the delivery receipt there must be the space for the receiver to sign up the paper. Usually, one package will have two receipts where one of them will be kept by the courier and the copied one of it will be handed over to the receiver. You can use either two documents or you can use carbon copy to make the process faster and do not need for the receiver to sign it twice.