Customer Service Job Description Template

Customer Service is a type of job that every people can do it. As long as you have a good communication skill, you can become a good customer service, either face-to-face or via electronic channel (phone, messenger, social media). Usually you can see most of customer service people are sitting at specific desk in hotels, banks, big stores, etc where they are ready to serve you, either explaining you about products/services that you want to buy or listening you about problems that you have with products/services that you have bought.

Customer Service Job Description Template
Customer Service Job Description Template

Several of Customer Service job descriptions are :
1. Directly deal with the customers through various ways: face to face, by phone, by electronic mails, etc.
2. Responsible for giving response upon customers’ complains, as well as giving the solution
3. Manage the administration
4. Manage the customers’ accounts; including set up the new account
5. Handle the customer’s verification
6. Handle and process the customers’ requests, forms, applications, and orders.
7. Evaluate and obtain complete related information to deal with service inquiry and products.
8. Record the details of every taken action; as well as the complains, comments, and inquiries from the customers, and keep them safely
9. Coordinate and communicate with company’s internal departments
10. Provide feedback for every process happening in customer service.
11. Interact with the customers, providing feedback and solutions
12. Maintain the customers’ database
13. Prepare and later distribute the reports of customer activities
14. Prepare delivery and pricing information
15. Verify the customers
16. Organize workflow
17. Conduct consolidation with the company’s internal divisions

If you are looking a list in Microsoft Word file, you can download it below. Feel free to personalize it to meet your own requirement.

Customer Service Job Description Template

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