Contractor Invoice Template

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There are many definitions that can be tagged into a term like “contractor”. In broader sense, most people has defined the term as a person or organization which made a contract with other organization or person for construction of road, highway, office, and other types of building. An organization which involves in a contract must comply with every detail written in there, including overseeing the construction work. At the same time, the contractor must also manage everything related to trade, supply, and vendor. A document like contractor invoice, then, can be used as a way to give better understanding of the construction work.

Contractor Invoice Template for Word
Contractor Invoice Template

This contractor invoice template contains a template list of estimation price, used to predict costs and tariffs that would be needed to support the construction work.  So in essence, the document will provide a line of information including cost of labors, materials, and equipment. The result on approximate price will then be given to owners.

A contractor invoice also contains of terms of payment, so basically it is a paper to which your total payments are managed and listed. You can download it below and can be modified depending on the specification of your payment needs. Or you can create from the scratch using Microsoft Word and using this template as your reference.