Commercial Invoice Template

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In a field of foreign trade, there are many documents to use, such as commercial invoice. Generally, that document is used when goods are about to be shipped internationally. The document, on the other hand, can also be used by a company which is going to export any item across the continent. There is no standard that has been used to value that document, but in a whole an invoice should be completed and written in English. And above that, an invoice should be signed by shipper and providing information about shipper’s address, fax, and phone numbers.

Commercial Invoice Template for Word
Commercial Invoice Template

A commercial invoice should also contains complete information on the goods that are about to be shipped. Such information should provide accurateness so that it can be used for customs purpose. If the goods receiver is different from the buyer, then some notes should be written in the invoice. One copy of the original invoice should be copied in two, one to be attached to the shipment and another to its attachment. There are few functions of such invoice document, including to calculate tariffs and to learn more about commercial terms.

Even though there is no standard on how a commercial invoice should be written, but people can still find a lot of online source that can provide the document freely. Most of the online sources we talk about are able to provide template for an invoice document. People can modify an invoice slightly after the document is downloaded. But that depends on the needs of shipper.