Chronological Resume Template

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When people apply for a job, they must submit a resume. A resume is the kind of form that summarizes the person’s background information, especially their work experiences. This is called chronological resume where you write down some information such as work experiences, education, and activity starting from the most recent on. It is a little bit different from functional resume and it is mostly chosen by employers because they can see the strength and experiences of the applicants.

Chronological Resume Template for Microsoft Word
Chronological Resume Template

Who need this kind of resume? The chronological resume is perfect for those who look for a job in the same field as the one they did. It will give information to the employers about who you are, what you can do, where you have worked and when you worked there.

The question will be how to write it and how it is supposed to look like? You can get many free samples of chronological resume in the internet. Usually it will start with your personal information (name, phone, email, birth date and year and many more), your career objective column, education, experience (start with the most recent jobs, including the company’s name you worked with, how long you worked there and your job description), activity, skills, training certification, and reference.  What makes it interesting is that everything comes for free and you can customize it based on your own needs. You can change the font, background colors and other things to make it more personalized and really represent who you are.